We currently have 7 complimentary classes for our Members to attend weekly.
Along with our classes, we also have our Fitness Center and pool.
Core and More
This class combines a variety of flexibility techniques, myofascial releasing of tight muscles, range of motion movements for the joints, core exercises and balance.

Tai Chi
This gentle form of exercise can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and could be the perfect activity for all ages. Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion,".

Each class will work to balance all muscle groups' strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Pilates mat is a challenging yet safe method to sculpt your body and to feel increased agility, balance control and flexibility in your everyday movements.

Sit & Be Fit
An upbeat 45 min chair class that focuses on functional strength training and cardio exercises using various pieces of equipment. Perfect for beginner and active older adults.

Utilizing the breath, this style of YOGA will strengthen and stretch the body from the inside out. Jennifer focuses on anatomical alignment and light movement to help open the body in a safe and healthy way.

Aqua Fit
Aqua Fit is a low impact, cardio and strength conditioning class in the pool. Challenge yourself using the waters resistance while also enjoying the great music and environment!  

Boot Camp
This 45 minute interval workout combines cardiovascular training, resistance training, and sports conditioning training that is physically challenging, and lots of fun.