may 15-17, 2020

Sponsored by the Mid-Pacific Country Club Women’s division, the event has helped to promote women’s golf in Hawaii and is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the state. The tournament was named in honor of Jennie K. Wilson, a former dancer in the court of King Kalakaua, and the wife of one of Honolulu’s beloved mayors, John H. Wilson, after whom the “Wilson Tunnel” on the Likelike Highway was named. Even though Jennie K. was not a golfer, she was beloved by people from all over Oahu.

The “Jennie K.”, as the tournament is fondly known in the golfing community, is considered the premier amateur women’s golf event in Hawaii. It is one of only two 54-hole low gross medal play tournaments for amateur women. The tournament is played at Mid Pacific Country Club, in Lanikai, Kailua, where the course sports a spectacular backdrop, with glorious views of the Ko’olau mountain range. Golfers from many different walks of life and generations are proud to say they are participants and winners of the “Jennie K.”

Participants over the years have been the best women golfers in Hawaii and around the world. The winner of the inaugural Jennie K was Edna Lee Jakola, who went on to win again in 1955. Other winners included six-time winner Joan Damon, Billie Beamer, Lesly Ann Komoda, Anna Umemura and Michelle Wie who won the title at the age of 11. The 2004 Jennie K. winner was 16 year old Amanda Wilson of Hilo.

The motto of the Jennie K. since its inaugural year in 1950 is Kulia I Ka Nu’u, meaning strive for the highest. Not only was this the personal motto of both Queen Kapiolani and Aunty Jennie, year after year it also seems to fit for each of the women challenging them in this prestigious competition.

  • 2020 Jennie K. Wilson Invitational Application
  • Past Champions

    • 1950 Edna Lee
      1951 Jackie Yates
      1952 Jackie Pung
      1953 Jackie Yates
      1954 Jackie Yates
      1955 Edna Lee
      1956 Tura Nagatoshi
      1957 Joan Damon
      1958 Ramona McGuire
      1959 Ramona McGuire
      1960 Amie Amizich
      1961 Joan Damon
      1962 Joan Damon
      1963 Joan Damon
      1964 Joan Damon
      1965 Billie Beamer
      1966 Joan Damon
      1967 No Tournament
      1968 Tura Nagatoshi
      1969 Billie Beamer
      1970 Tura Nagatoshi
      1971 Eva Chang
      1972 Marga Stubblefield
      1973 Ai-Yu Tu
      1974 Yu-Hsia Tai
      1975 Li Hsiang (Angel) Tsai
      1976 Brenda Rego
      1977 Althea Tome
      1978 Debbie Spencer
      1979 Huang Pi-Hsun
      1980 Cindy Flom
      1981 Beverly Kim
      1982 Lynne Winn
      1983 Lori Castillo
      1984 Bobbie Kokx

      1985 Mildred Stanley
      1986 Sherrie Sue
      1987 Lynne Winn
      1988 Pam Kometani
      1989 Sherrie Sue
      1990 Nicole Horner
      1991 Lesly Ann Komoda
      1992 Donna Forbes
      1993 Lesley Ann Komoda
      1994 Kari Lee Williams
      1995 Anna Umemura
      1996 Kathy Cho
      1997 Anna Umemura
      1998 Anna Umemura
      1999 Kari Lee Williams
      2000 Bobbi Kokx
      2001 Michelle Wie
      2002 Kira-Ann Murashige
      2003 Stephanie Kono
      2004 Amanda Wilson
      2005 Mari Chun
      2006 Kristina Merkle
      2007 Kristina Merkle
      2008 Xyra Suyetsugu
      2009 Kristina Merkle
      2010 Kristina Merkle
      2011 Eri Jona
      2012 Nicole Sakamoto
      2013 Hinako Yamauchi
      2014 Mariel Galdiano
      2015 Mariel Galdiano
      2016 Kaira Nabeshima
      2017 Natsumi Nakanishi
      2018 Natsumi Nakanishi
      2019 Myah McDonald